The most engaging way to train your employees.

Reduce training costs and increase learning impact with interactive AI characters for soft-skills training.

Illustration with a person doing training in VR, two buttons saying 'explore course library' and 'create new course', as well as a screenshot of the application, where a character is selected for a dialogue.


AI meets interactive characters

Interactive virtual characters, powered by AI, offer a truly immersive and engaging way to learn and practice soft-skills.

Up engagement, retention, completion rates, emotional connection to content, and likelihood to act on the job.

Illustration consisting of three parts: a person doing training in VR, a graph going upwards, saying 'training effectiveness +400%', and a screenshot of a 3D scene with one character explaining something to another in an office, with a whiteboard behind them.


Train directly with ready-made courses or create and share your own on any device

Compliment your learning: Enrich e-learning courses with active practice, prepare and refine skills after live actor sessions, or use as a stand-alone course.

Render of the content-creation application opened to edit a course, which includes several sub-courses as tabs, one of which, called 'Introduction' is selected, showing elements to edit a conversation.

Create a course in just a few steps


Choose and edit an environment

  • Choose an environment from our library

  • Work with us to design custom one

Screenshot of the app with several 3D environments to select from, including office spaces, meeting rooms, etc.


Choose your characters

  • Choose characters from our library

  • Work with us to design your own character

Screenshot of the app with several 3D characters to select. They vary in age, skin color, hairstyle, etc.


Add your dialogue

  • AI prompting or script by hand

  • Realistic voices with text-to-speech

  • No voice actors required

Screenshot of the app showing an editing interface for a dialogue: a user can add dialogue lines, and for each one, select which character speaks, and what they say.


Make it challenging

  • Create engaging conversations

  • Write challenging questions

  • Apply learning and behavioral models

Screenshot of the app showing different types of content that can be added to a course, including 'Dialogue', 'ABC Panel', 'Voice Answer', 'Info Panel'


Train directly with ready-made courses

Get immediate results with ready-made courses from our library or adjust them to fit your specific needs.

Render of the content-creation application opened to select a course to open. There are several courses to select from, titled 'Advanced Sales', 'Effective Negotiation', etc.

The right solution for your training needs

A digitally crafted image of two AI-generated characters, a man and a woman, in a professional setting that offers a relaxed atmosphere. The woman features a stylish bob haircut and wears a casual denim jacket, while the man has tousled brown hair and dons a comfortable grey sweater. Their friendly smiles and open postures welcome viewers to a practice interview session. The backdrop is a modern, well-lit workspace with elements of a cozy café, including plants and warm lighting, blending professionalism with comfort. The image includes text saying, 'Hi and welcome to this practice interview session! Tell us about yourself,' highlighting an interactive interview training scenario.


Train at scale on any device

Simulate real-world conversations and scenarios on mobile, laptop or VR headsets. Streamed content is easily accessible on any device.

  • Icon for Smartphones


  • Icon for Tablets


  • Icon for Laptops and PC's

    Laptops and PC's

  • Icon for Headsets


Rendering of several devices, a phone, tablet, laptop, and VR headset, next to each other, each running the Meta-Skills application on the screen.


Deliver better learning experiences.

Icon for 'impact': an upwards arrow with two blocks on the side.

Up to 85% engagement and learning impact

Meta-Skills courses are immersive and engaging whether on 2D devices in VR headsets.

Icon for 'measure': a triangle with a block on each corner.


Create courses from scratch. Publish them to any device. Measure their learning impact per trainee.

Icon for 'contextualize': a text input box which is selected.


Easily adjust ready-made courses to fit your business context and learning goals.

Icon for 'no code': HTML brackets crossed out.

No Code needed

Build immersive courses with simple no-code 2D workflows.

Icon for 'course library': four blocks next to each other, one selected.

Library of Ready-Made Courses

Access a library of immersive VR and 2D courses covering a range of essential soft-skills topics.

Icon for 'endless possibilities': the infinity symbol.

Endless Possibilities

Mix and match environment, characters and subject matter to create an endless variety of courses.

Science behind

How immersive learning compares to e-learning and classroom training.

On average, immersive learners are:


faster than classroom learners


more confident to apply skills learned


more emotionally connected to content than clasroom learners


more focused than e-learners


Our software is trusted by innovation leaders across industries

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